We delivery anything, anytime, anywhere. From a parcel to a pallet, Chase is ready to respond when you need us.

24 hours a day, the sun never sets on Chase Couriers & Logistics. And with our online order entry, tracking and reporting, you are always a keystroke away from complete access to your delivery activity and job specific information.


Located in major cities from the Red River to the Rio Grande, we cover the Lone Star state. With a footprint extending throughout 268,000 square miles of Texas, we provide citywide, statewide and regional deliveries 24 hours, seven days a week.

Our same day time-sensitive courier service includes a priority direct, one hour, two hour and four hour. We also offer scheduled deliveries, routes and distribution.


With over 50,000 square feet under roof throughout the state, we provide the space you need to expand and contract inventory levels and a ready transportation force capable of shipping anywhere in the world.

In addition to our central hub in the Dallas market, Chase contracts cross dock space and last mile delivery service throughout the state of Texas to provide mission-critical transportation logistics capable of cost-effectively reaching points throughout the state from the Gulf coast waters to the wind-swept plains of the Texas panhandle.


With an unwavering eye toward operational effectiveness and cost efficiency, we work to achieve real-time solutions to challenging distribution logistic situations.

Our primary delivery territory is the state of Texas but we also handle national distribution through our interconnected last mile facility network.

Providing first class courier and logistics services throughout Texas